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Earth's Own is a natural Bath & Body Co. based in Jackson, MI. Specializing in unique & custom orders. So if you have beautiful skin, lets keep it that way; If not, lets help you get it!


Quotes And the make-up samples you sent... I SO appreciate. The lipgloss tastes as great as it smells, and feels even better. The touch of shimmer is perfect for someone like me, who doesn't use a lot of color on her lips, but is just enough to give you that soft just kissed look. I adore the eyeshadow, too. You really nailed my color. I like it because it doesn't even feel like it's there, but you also don't have to use a ton to get a great application. All in all.... I could NOT be any happier. You are so wonderful to work with, and really went the extra mile to get my stuff to me before my vacation, and to make sure that everything was absolutely perfect. Seriously, before I went organic I probably would have spent three times as much for stuff as good as what you made for me! I'll let you know how that others soaps and headache balm is when I use them, but I can bet I'll be totally satisfied! . Thank you SO much... I'm going to tell everyone about you! Quotes
Wedding Planner from Tennessee

Quotes Continuation of previous testimonial: I was most excited about getting my bronzing body butter and sunless lotion, and I can tell you wtih 100% honesty they are the BEST lotions I have EVER put on my body. They aren't greasy or oily. The butter is insane... from the smell to the feel to the amount you crammed into that bottle... so awesome. It literally melts into my skin. And the sunless lotion is so lightweight and smooth it's not even noticable... except for it's straight off the beach scent :) The deodorant is great... not cakey or messy at all, and the smell is so barely there and neutral that even my fiance wants some! Quotes
from Tennessee

Quotes I got everything yesterday and I have to tell you.... I LOVE IT! It was all I could do not to a) hop in the shower right then and b) not eat it! Everything smells SO good. My custo...m "Day at the Beach" scent in sensational... kind of floral but with notes of coconut... genius. When I finally was able to use everything, I was so pleased. I was surprised at how well the shampoo lathered. The conditioner, like it's label suggests, wasn't slick or filmy. I had sworn off conditioner, but seriously.... this is the best thing I've ever used. The shaving cream (although it took some getting used to) is fantastic. The hawaiian sugar/salt scrub... probably my favorite bath item... was so great. It was the perfect texture, sometimes scrubs like settle to the bottom... not this one! And I absolutely love the coconut soap with the flakes of roasted coconut... it smells and feels terrific. Quotes
VERY Satisfied Customer from Tennessee

Quotes I have a friend that bought the cologne and perfume pot at my party. She said she was impressed with hers. She said that a full bottle of BY Dolce Gabana lasts her 3-4 months and yours has lasted her longer. She said she still is using it! For her to say something like that is huge. She is VERY picky! Quotes
Melissa M.

Quotes I received my timely order and I just wanted to thank you so very much for the WONDERFUL products!! The diaper rash cream is AWESOME! I love how smooth it is and there's nothing better than knowing I am putting all natural ingredients on Rose!! It works wonderfully, all you mothers out there! ;) Also, I LOVE the facial products I got!! I will need some time to appreciate the benefits to my skin but honestly, my skin felt softer and smoother this morning!! And I couldn't believe it but I actually fell asleep so much better and more relaxed after I washed my face (Calendula Tea Tree and Honey Soap Bar) and applied my new lotion (Later Alligator)!! Is that possible? ;) Again, thank you so much and I can't wait to try everything else!! You are amazing at your craft!!!!!!! P.S. For the first time in my life, I now know how real soap suds up and feels on my skin, soooo nice!!! P.P.S. And I now understand why I have to put in my Christmas order now!! :D Quotes
Tamara Shornak Fecker
Very Satisifed Mom!

Quotes I love using your natural "Pure Silk" conditioner as a hair smoother! It works perfect to keep my hair smooth and shiny! I love it! Quotes
J. Hill
Aurora, IL - Very Satisfied Customer

Quotes "I have not tried all the samples yet...but that chapstick is frickin AWESOME!!! SERIOUSLY BEST STUFF I'VE EVER USED!!! I tried it today because my lips are getting chapped & so I got that out & only had to use it twice all day & the first time I put it on it took it all away & I didn't have to use it again until like 8 hrs later!! My sons lips were chapped really bad to & I put it on him & its like 80 % better & he only used it much is another one because this is the only chapstick I have ever come across that works so fast & lasts pretty much the whole day & it doesn't burn!! You frickin rock! I WANT MORE FO SHO!!!!! Now I'm dying to try the rest of the stuff, it all smells good enough to eat! Great job seriously...I <3 Earth's Own!!!" Quotes
Emily L
S.C.S, MI - Very Satisfied Customer!

Quotes "Ok I totally forgot the name of the balm you gave me, but it was to help with pain. I put it on jr's ankles tonight b/c he skated his butt off at his skating party. I'm not kidding, within minutes he could dance and walk around without whining and crying. He's like "mommy it worked, I do feel better". My husband, who has awful back problems; worked awesome for him too. I totally have to get like a jug of this stuff!!!! My family loves it!!! Thx Rochelle!! You truly are a genius!!! Xoxo" Quotes
Jody Thompson
Very happy family!!

Quotes The handmade soaps produce a rich lather and rinse away clean leaving me feeling fresh and renewed, These soaps are not like other soaps that leave behind a film or leave you feeling greasy. I never thought I would be gushing over soap like this but, here it is. Quotes
happy customer

Quotes I love the "LOADED" Vitamin Rich Facial Oil...and you have to try the mirage cocoa butter bronzing body mousse. Get ahold of Rochelle; she's awesome...she'll walk you through the whole process and will figure out which products will work best for you....thank you so much Rochelle for making such awesome products. I will definitely be coming back for more. Quotes
Becky S from Maryland
very satisfied customer